3 SEO updates for 2017

Oh, the game of SEO. It just keeps changing on us, doesn’t it? Well the good news is, we’re staying on top of it for you. 3 SEO Tips for 2017 SEO is now about focusing on user experience: As the search engines become more sophisticated (really? I still can’t find what I’m looking for), they’ve … Read More >

Hospitals: Why your B2C is going to be B2B

For the longest time, hospital marketers have been focused on marketing to consumers. But as referral patterns continue to shift, doctors will be our focus. In the 11 years I’ve spent in healthcare marketing, I have seen hospitals shrink or even eliminate their physician liaison programs. But, I think they’re going to resurrect them. Physicians … Read More >

The Growing Potential of Podcasts

A couple of weeks ago, Ian Altman invited me to appear on his podcast, “Grow My Revenue Business Cast” (listen to the full podcast). The experience got me thinking about whether marketers are truly maximizing this unique channel to the fullest effect. Do People Actually Listen to Podcasts? Edison Research examines podcast consumption each year. Their … Read More >

When Physicians Won’t Be Experts

Doctors are awesome at providing important information to make content jump off the page. But, anyone who has ever created content with doctors knows that they inevitably – without meaning to- create massive bottlenecks. Either it’s impossible to get an interview, or they take their time editing the content. Or—the worst—they act like a different … Read More >

How Businesses Create Trust and Authority with Quality Content

Ahava made a guest appearance last week on Ian Altman’s podcast “Grow My Revenue Business Cast.” During the episode, they uncovered the common mistakes businesses make when developing their content strategies, why it’s important to have a designated person leading the charge, and the number one thing to consider when creating content for your organization. Here … Read More >