Your Hospital on Facebook Recommendations

Fact: People like to take advice and recommendations from friends and family. Well, Facebook is actually turning that into…wait for it…an app for that. What does Facebook Recommendations mean for you as a hospital marketer? (Also, don’t forget to download our eBook: 10 Content Marketing Answers for Healthcare CMOs.) What is Facebook Recommendations? Facebook Recommendations … Read More >

It’ll Do That To You

When I was 38, I started guitar lessons. It wasn’t that I wanted to be Taylor Swift—rather, I wanted a hobby that engaged a different part of my brain from content. Practicing guitar has changed my creativity. When I practice, a different part of my brain gets engaged. And I find when I return to … Read More >

How to Avoid the Template of Doom

Content templates help both designers and content creators determine the limitations of the design when it comes to building content within a format. Hallmarks of content templates include: character counts, guidance on meta data and direction on how to write. But sometimes they fail. Here’s why.