Measure what Matters

You cannot manage what you cannot measure. So often clients come to us asking for a rewrite of content or to add on to their already ongoing content marketing activities. We always want to see what their content looks like currently, so we can help make the best decision moving forward about how to change and improve content.

There are three types of content audits and assessments we provide:

  1. Multidimensional content maps: We build maps of your pages, so you can see how they all relate and link. Then we overlay your analytics data so you can see how customers are moving throughout the site. These audits are invaluable for helping our clients decide how to move ahead with large website redesigns or overhauls to certain sections of a website.
  2. Strategic content assessments: Using at least 25-40 pages of content, we examine your content for clarity of messaging, web writing standards, voice and tone, ease of readability, SEO and usability best practices. Using these as a framework, we grade each page. In this way, you can get a full picture of how your content is performing as a whole, as well as individual pages. Our clients use these assessments to have discussions with staff, approach page owners and streamline workflow processes.
  3. Content inventories: There are times when it makes sense to have a list of your content under specific sections, or your entire website. Using software, we can inventory your content, and then make strategic decisions based on analytics and other factors, which pages to assess qualitatively.

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