Create Meaningful Content Experiences

If sales is when you call them and marketing is when they call you, then content marketing is when they call you a trusted friend.

Content marketing is about creating and sustaining relationships with your customers by sharing content with them, and then measuring and responding to their reactions. Some people call it corporate publishing or brand journalism. At Aha Media, we call it a tactic that works.

Build Content Experiences that Matter

Some of the tools we write and create for our clients to attract and sustain customers are:

  • Websites: You need a centralized place to direct your traffic to your products and services. We write custom web content with your target audiences and strategic goals in mind, making sure it’s SEO fresh and web writing best practices friendly.
  • Blogs: Blogs only work when you define your target audiences and have a sense of what topics will excite and move them. We spend tons of time upfront planning your blog posts so they resonate with your customers, and cause all that sharing and commenting action that means you’ve hit the mark.
  • Email newsletters: Staying in touch with your audience is key in content marketing. They may not need you today, but what can you share with them that they will need for tomorrow? Our content is designed to fall into several categories of content engagement: attraction, validation, communication, education or retention.
  • Whitepapers: Exploring a topic at length and sharing your point-of-view is a great way to attract an audience who will see you as a trusted resource. Our writers talk through your strategy with you carefully, before embarking on research. We truly want to understand your position in the marketplace before we begin writing the first word. Once we have a firm grasp on your point-of-view, we create memorable copy that translates your fresh ideas to your existing or new audiences.
  • Ebooks: Sometimes a white paper doesn’t give you the space you need to fully flesh out your ideas. We will work with you to create the content and supportive graphics to bring your ebook to life.
  • Annual Reports: A great piece of content marketing that says, “Look at where we were and now where we are.” Whether your annual reports are to satisfy an executive mandate, or to share your successes with others, we breathe life into your content by telling stories that punctuate your facts and data.


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