Custom Content Created for your Audiences

We know how hard it is to create great content. We’ve worked through every imaginable obstacle since 2005 to create a content process that produces enviable, imaginative and “juicy” content to engage your audience.

A great user experience is the result of effective navigation, valuable content, clear design and efficient interaction. We define valuable content as:

  • Findable: Can your customers find your content?
  • Readable: Is it easy for your customers to read and scan the content?
  • Understandable: Do your customers grasp what you are trying to communicate?
  • Actionable: Will your customers act?
  • Shareable: Is the content good enough that your customers are hitting share?

See our Creating Valuable Content Checklist. [PDF]

Our Writing Process

We approach every content creation project the same way: find the people who can give us the information we need to weave content gold and follow a clear editorial process. We designed our step-by-step approach to make the content creation process easier for you by managing every step.

Here’s how we wave our wands:

  1. Gather strategic information: Most of our writers are former journalists. They know the scent of a great story. We review all of the information we can find about a project before we start interviewing stakeholders. Our ears are open with “minds like water,” so we can follow a fantastic storyline once it comes up.
  2. Interview the appropriate stakeholder: We’ve rejected jobs because clients didn’t want to give us access to stakeholders and subject matter experts. How can you write engaging, personal content for your customers if you don’t get their questions answered from your best possible internal resources?
  3. Create an information architecture or template: Doesn’t matter if it’s a blog post, email newsletter or website, you need a template that works for that particular project. After our research and interviews, we’re prepared to do just that.
  4. Write the content: As we write, we are always keeping our eye on the ball—creating juicy content that your target audiences will act on and share. Our goal is to create content that will make your bottom line fat, round and green.
  5. Edit the content with the stakeholder for factual verification: We ensure your content is correct and valuable. Only the stakeholders can finalize the details and particulars that make content magical.
  6. Finalizing the content: Does compliance and regulatory need to review? Do you need executive sign off? We make sure your content is web or print ready.
  7. Quality assure (QA) the content and links: If we’re talking about digital content, you need to proofread it once it’s inside the CMS or social media channel. Make sure all the links point to the right place and the titles and phrases make sense. For print? We proof that too, to make sure it’s perfect.

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