Save money by using existing content

Sentara Healthcare's logoSentara Healthcare always plans a 28 Days of Heart Health campaign in February, which is American Heart Month. In February 2013, they wanted this campaign to highlight their key strategic areas and initiatives and gain more of a following on Facebook and Twitter.

At the same time, Aha Media’s writers were rewriting many parts of the Heart website. Auditing the content made us realize that much of it needed to rearranged, combined and some, deleted. Working with the heart marketing manager, we were able to create a new information architecture to streamline the content and highlight the service areas relevant to the heart month campaign.

Business Goals

Sentara wanted their 28 Days of Heart Health (February 2013) to be a fun campaign, but they also had clear, specific business goals in mind. First and foremost, they wanted customers to use a heart risk assessment tool that would function as a lead nurturing tool for the healthcare system. Other objectives included facilitating ongoing conversations about heart health with potential patients and educating people about the breadth and depth of Sentara’s heart services.

All of the important content restructuring work had to dovetail with this campaign. Leveraging current assets would make the campaign less expensive. A successful campaign would be a great way to demonstrate to the C-suite what a difference content marketing, when done well, can make.

Aha Media used current content to create an editorial calendar based on key messages, unique programs and services, and consumer-interest. Sentara’s social media and marketing team coordinated to use assets they knew would work on various social media programs, including photos on Pinterest and Facebook.

Calendar showing editorial topics for heart health month
Heart Health Editorial Calendar

Well-Coordinated Success

The results? During the 28 day period, Sentara’s social media properties experienced rising direct engagement with patients:

  1. 1160 clicks
  2. 702 interactions
  3. 66 retweets or replies
  4. 528 likes
  5. 19 comments
  6. 89 shares

Continued Success

An unintended consequence? Engagement continued to rise after the campaign was over, proving that customers do indeed want to continue fascinating conversations with brands when they are engaged.

See our case study from our second year of creating content for 28 Days of Heart.