We’re Really Not that Expensive

We preach a lot about transparency. If content is a conversation, and we want to build a relationship with our audience, then transparency in our marketing and communications is imperative. The risk? Transparency leads to vulnerability. But addressing our customers’ initial concerns is one of our priorities. So let’s talk about one of the top … Read More >

Content Marketing Predictions for 2017

Want to hear what content marketing experts predict for 2017? Take a look at these 2 eBooks: 2017 Content Marketing Predictions by Content Marketing Institute (Check out slide #29!) 51 Expert Content Marketing Predictions for 2017 by Magnificent Marketing Ahava makes two predictions in each eBook about what we should expect in 2017. We’re always interested in your feedback … Read More >

Should You Keep Blogging?

It’s a major question on everyone’s mind: Is this whole blogging/content marketing/giving people information for free thing/editorial calendar meetings thing worth it? The answer? It depends.   How to Measure your Blog Organizations come to us all the time asking if they should start a blog or keep their blog or change the content strategy of their … Read More >