7 Reasons We Love mHealth

As we move toward a system where value-based care is the norm, practices that embrace mobile health (mHealth) have a distinct advantage: Tablets and apps in particular are making it easier and faster to provide high quality, patient-centered care. Here are 7 reasons we love mHealth, and why you should too: Breaking down barriers: Tablets … Read More >

4 Ways Slow Medicine is Like Slow Food

With patient panels swelling and reimbursements shrinking, many practices face a dichotomy between providing the high-touch, high quality care their patients need and preserving their own financial solvency. It might be tempting (and certainly more cost-effective) to rely on medications, technology and interventions to do the heavy lifting of patient management. However, a growing number … Read More >

5 Tactics for Incorporating Readmissions Rates into Your Marketing

With the steepest penalties to date, this week marks the latest expansion of CMS’s Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program (HRRP). The good news is that readmission rates are actually decreasing for the first time since 2009. The timing couldn’t be better because consumers are starting to take notice. If you aren’t already talking about readmissions in … Read More >