7 SEO Tips for Your Content

For SEO, it’s not enough to simply say content is king. You must identify your audiences and keep them engaged. Answer their questions and meet their needs. And above all, provide them with unique, shareable experiences. You can’t stop there, though. Without a solid framework that meets the technical challenges of SEO, people may never … Read More >

3 SEO updates for 2017

Oh, the game of SEO. It just keeps changing on us, doesn’t it? Well the good news is, we’re staying on top of it for you. 3 SEO Tips for 2017 SEO is now about focusing on user experience: As the search engines become more sophisticated (really? I still can’t find what I’m looking for), they’ve … Read More >

Does Google Listen to Me?

This summer I wrote a blog post, “Is Google Over?” about a comparison between Google and Bing on my own name. I was surprised to see Bing returning search results way better, in my opinion, than Google’s. In my original blog post (because let’s face it, most of you won’t jump) I said that Google … Read More >

Is Google Over?

I’m going to get on the unpopular side of things here and say that Google’s time may have reached its peak. I’m not saying Bing is the next Google, or that Google has, in any way lost market share. What I’m saying is what goes up, must come down. And I think the programmers at … Read More >