The Digital Crown: Winning at Content
on the Web—Now Available!

The Digital Crown takes you inside the world of content and simplifies both the external messaging and internal challenges that come with creating, publishing and supporting content. Learn about:

  • Branding and messaging in our digital world, and why they matter to your success
  • Gaining buy-in from the C-suite, so you have the support you need to move forward quickly
  • Picking the right formats for your content, so you capture your audience’s attention
  • Structured content and mobile use, so you understand the different technologies at play with content delivery
  • Personas, messaging architecture and voice and tone so you target your audiences carefully
  • Content marketing campaigns that work to use a template in creating your own campaign

Learn to capture your audiences, engage them with things they really care about and convert them to customers for life.

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Other Content Experts’ Reviews Are In...

"Content marketing is not easy. It's complex and challenging to scale. But it's absolutely necessary for your brand to cut through today's marketing clutter. Thank the stars that Ahava put this book together, which will help any-sized marketer create a content strategy that truly grows the business. This book is a keeper."

-- Joe Pulizzi, Founder, Content Marketing Institute and Author, Epic Content Marketing

"Content is most companies' greatest business asset. Today, content comes from many places and must be distributed in many ways. Therefore, you need content strategy. And you need Ahava Leibtag's The Digital Crown to show you why and how to have cohesive, consistent, and controlled content that supports your brand, meets your business goals, and delights your customers. With clear explanations, practical guidance, 7 rules for a successful process, and a series of case studies, The Digital Crown is critical reading for everyone who creates, designs, manages, or reviews content in any form in any medium."

-- Janice (Ginny) Redish, author Letting Go of the Words – Writing Web Content that Works (Elsevier, 2nd edition, 2012)