A headshot of writer Sherrie Dulworth

Sherrie Dulworth


Sherrie Dulworth began her healthcare career as a registered nurse and worked in various settings including critical care units. She transitioned from the bedside to business and was later a consultant and principal with an international actuarial and consulting firm. During that time, she published research and peer-reviewed articles on best practices for various clinical conditions, including asthma, diabetes, hepatitis C and healthcare associated infections. 

Along the way, her heart led her to return to school to learn a different type of writing and vocation. She graduated with her master’s in science from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She continues to cover numerous aspects of medicine and health care for business and consumer audiences. 

Sherrie enjoys living in New York’s beautiful Hudson River Valley. She’s an avid bibliophile who thrives on exploring paths less traveled, both literal and figurative.