At the end of every year, I look forward to creating this list of the top 10 hospital commercials SO much.  However, I always forget the initial frustration I have. It starts like this:

  1. Excited to watch
  2. Frustrated by how many old, hackneyed ideas are recycled
  3. Thrilled when I find the gems you will see on this list

In these 10 top hospital commercials of 2015, you will find the hospitals that were brave enough to try ideas that were different, bold and sophisticated. Watch as patient education turns into something creative, a link between research and care is made, an old hit is turned into an emotional twist and a piece of technology becomes an object of desire.

If you want a reminder of the criteria we use to select the commercials, it’s at the bottom of this post.

#10: Robert Wood Johnson: Makoplasty Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery

I’m always the first one to complain when hospitals use product hero marketing around their new technologies. But this commercial is cute; it asks the question over lounge music, “Romantic?” and the answer, “To your knee or a hip,” turns a boring marketing concept into the proverbial wink wink.

#9: Hawaii Pacific Health: Firsts

Hospitals always want to market that at every stage they should be your first choice for healthcare. This commercial sends this message by connecting the main character to Kapi’olani Medical Center throughout her entire lifetime—from birth to her first grandchild. Really well done.

#8: Jackson Memorial Hospital: Little Miracles

A surprising take on giving birth—their maternity suites are built like spas so you can have great maternity care in ultimate comfort. Selling healthcare services like a fancy hotel? Makes it more fun.

#7: Crisp Regional Hospital: The Lengths We Go

This commercial works because it’s VERY local and talks about everyday healthcare events. We’re always pushing our writers to make their copy specific, so it’s memorable. This commercial does that—and does it well.

#6: Nationwide Children’s

This commercial works by making the connection between research AND care AND the idea that treating many children can result in benefits for all. While the images are not new or different, they reinforce the voiceover and work ultimately as a piece of patient education. (Note: Nationwide Children’s is a client, but we had no input in this commercial.)

#5: Case Texas Scottish Rite for Children: Orthopedics

At first, this could be a commercial for any high school athletic something or other. But then, the voiceover tells you, “These moments were made possible by these moments,” and demonstrates how excellent medical care off the field results in winning moments. What could have easily turned hokey becomes a thing of grace.

#4: University of Miami Health System: Breathe

It’s not easy to make a hospital commercial that shows tons of healthcare images and still makes this list. But there is something really creative happening here: By linking all the different specialties and services that UHealth provides with the breaths that people take, they communicate the depth of their specialties, while still retaining their humanity.

#3: St. John’s Hospital: Maternity Hospitals

The best part of this commercial is that I have ABSOLUTELY no idea what it might be about. Then, slowly the images in a hospital-like environment start building and eventually reveal the mom singing to her baby. “Say your first hello in our birthing center?” Magic.

#2: NYU Langone Medical Center: Spring Athletes

Watching a skateboarder called a surfer and a high heels wearer called a tightrope walker could signal you’re watching just another Nike commercial. But coupled with the street scenes of New York—and a great hit song—you’re reminded that NYU Orthopedics is Made for New Yorkers. A fun take on a really hard concept to make creative.

#1: Pediatric ER: Doctors Hospital

This classroom with adults learning a complex concept gives you no clue to what this might be about. But once you see a baby throwing food at one of the students, a voiceover explains why you should trust your kids to a specialty pediatric ER. Brilliant.

Criteria for Selecting the Top Hospital Commercials of 2015

Every year we look for the same things:

  • Does the brand make a memorable point that’s a lasting takeaway?
  • Do they do so without using some of the same imagery we see in almost every hospital commercial?
  • Do they try and provoke an emotional response that’s appropriate?

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