I’m going to get on the unpopular side of things here and say that Google’s time may have reached its peak. I’m not saying Bing is the next Google, or that Google has, in any way lost market share. What I’m saying is what goes up, must come down. And I think the programmers at Google have crowded their algorithm and lost sight of what users might really be looking for when they are searching online.

With that said though, the amount of people selling SEO, even through a reseller such as has gained in popularity very, very quickly. No matter whether you provide SEO yourself as a business, or resell another agency, there is no denying that businesses ARE jumping on the bandwagon thick and thin to be the seo reseller for any startup website or company to come to.

For example:
I do a monthly Google search on myself to see if anything new has cropped up.
This was my last search on Google:

  1. Ahava Leibtag, Account Executive, Ruder Finn Incorporated, New …
    Ahava LeibtagSpoke is the largest online Open Network helping business people find business people. – Cached – Similar
  2. Simchas & Galleries » Birth of Amaya Tehilla to Ephriam and Ahava ……/simchaid:36828 – Similar
  3. Ahava Leibtag – LinkedIn
    Washington D.C. Metro Area
    View Ahava Leibtag’s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network, helping professionals like Ahava Leibtag discover … – Cached – Similar
  4. Ahava Leibtag (ahaval) on Twitter
    Web content strategist with usability and SEO experience. – Cached – Similar

I was an Account Executive at Ruder Finn for four months, part-time in graduate school. Why on earth is that the first thing Google thinks is relevant about me?
Here’s a recent search on Yahoo:

  1. Ahava Leibtag: Web writer, usability professional, SEO
    Ahava Leibtag is a freelance web writer, usability and search engine optimization … Contact Ahava Leibtag today to learn more about online marketing … – Cached
  2. Ahava Leibtag “ahaval”‘s review of Paradise Park
    I thought it was fun and amusing!, August 21, 2001. By. Ahava Leibtag “ahaval” … Ahava Leibtag “ahaval” Location: College Park, MD United States. New … – 116k – Cached
  3. Ahava Aaron Leibtag on Facebook
    • Add friend|
    • Poke|
    • Send message|
    • View friends
      Ahava Aaron Leibtag is on Facebook. Not the Ahava Aaron Leibtag you were looking for? Visit Facebook to search for friends, family, coworkers. – Cached

Now, my company’s Website shows up first. Which is what I want. Which is probably what someone who is searching for me wants. But, for argument’s sake, let’s say the user is searching for personal information about me. They want to get back in touch. On Yahoo, there I am, with a picture of three adorable children (yes, they’re mine). RELEVANT search results are returned, high up in the results.

Now let’s try Bing, which reminds me of Chandler Bing, who seemed to spend a lot of time looking for something, which I hope he found living with Monica in the suburbs.

  1. Ahava Leibtag: Web writer, usability professional, SEO
    AHA Media Group, LLC is a full service Web consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area.
  2. Recommended 1 person has recommended Ahava Connections 115 connections Industry Writing and Editing View Full Profile
    • Cached page
    • The Daily Bang

Again, Bing ranks my company’s Website the first result that a user might want to find when typing in Ahava Leibtag. A nice thing about Bing is that you can mouse over the link to get more of a preview of the page. (This is called AJAX technology.) That is a cool and value added benefit of using Bing. This way when users search, they can glance at a search result, mouse over it and see if it’s what they really want, without having to jump. While Google’s descriptors are supposed to make this possible, sometimes they aren’t descriptive enough, making jumping the only choice to make sure you’re on the right track.

This whole discussion requires a brief understanding of SEO. Suffice it to say that all the different search engines weight their algorithms differently differently, resulting in different rankings on each of their systems. But the bottom line is, it shouldn’t all be about the algorithm. It should be about trying to define what the user might really want.
Now that’s an idea Google seems to have passed by.


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