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Users come to your site to GET something: information, a pair of shoes, a feeling of friendship, a piece of music, etc. Whether it’s a physical commodity, an interaction or a phone number, the GET is what users are after

Problem: Sometimes their GET isn’t the same as the GET we marketers, Web people, CEOs want them to GET.

So how you we, as Web professionals, GET them to GET it?

For example:

  • An e-commerce site wants users to know that there’s a sale on certain rugs for 20%
  • A social interaction site wants users to send their friends birthday cards for a small fee (Hey, if each person on a 4 billion person social networking site buys 1 card for 1 dollar—this isn’t supposed to be a math lesson—but you can see where I’m going)
  • A hospital wants users to find their services listed so they can call and make an appointment

I’m a content strategist, so I’m going to answer this question from a content point of view. But I’m aware that I depend and rely on designers, UX professionals, programmers and others to inform solving this problem—these are just rules from a content perspective.

Rule #1: Establish your authority and credibility on the topic from the get-go. If you are selling shoes, make sure you have a lot of shoes on your site, and show them from different angles. Describe the shoes, really, really well. Have other customers talk about the shoes. Does this sound familiar? Yup, it’s them.

Rule #2: Give your users pathways to the information you want them to GET. If you are a major clinical service line at a hospital, say cancer services, and you want your patients to know about this breakthrough treatment technology you just bought, create one page that aggregates all the content about this new technology. Write a what to expect guide about this new treatment technology. Discuss the latest research. Describe everything you can about it. The, put a button or small module that attracts users to the page and then link it from every page on your site a user might be searching for treatment technologies. Watch your traffic climb into the stratosphere.

Rule #3: Stop Blah, Blahing around. Take a good look at your analytics. Watch the click paths very carefully. What are your users stopping at? Where are they bouncing off of? Take that crap down! If no one is reading it, or even worse, it’s providing a major STOP AND GET OFF THE SITE NOW BEFORE THE BOMB GOES OFF moment, then it’s not really to your benefit, is it?

How do you manage the GET?


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