Content Strategy: 5 Digital Content Blogs You Need to Be Reading

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Content strategy has arrived. When I first set up my Google alerts more than 2 years ago, I used to get 1 or 2 content strategy articles a day. Now, there are usually at least 6 or 7 in my alert email; sometimes, there are more than 10.

It’s great so many are writing about content strategy. As every organization is compelled to publish great content, we need creative thinkers publicizing best practices and innovative approaches.

“Bigger” blogs like Brain Traffic, Content Science and Scatter/Gather are all doing a great job of creating insights about content strategy.  However, I wanted to make a list of those blogs who intersect with content strategy; they may not cover the topic directly, but what they have to say is important to our field.

There were two criteria for this list. The authors needed to:
     a. publish at least 1 time a month a
     b. discuss content strategy in a meaningful way

Here’s my list:

  1. I’d rather be writing: Technical communications blog with a lot of articles that overlap with content and usability. Written by Tom Johnson (@tomjohnson).
  2. Eating Elephant: Written by Corey Vilhauer (@mrvilhauer), user experience strategist at Blend Interactive. Corey covers all things content strategy, user experience and information architecture.
  3. Pybob: Shelly Bowen writes great stuff on content strategy and presented at this year’s ConFab. Find her @pybop.
  4. Above the Fold: Marli Mesibov (@marsinthestars) and Joe Baz (@joebaz) are UXers who take content strategy seriously.
  5. Divvy HQ: Written by Brody Dorland and Jayme Thomason, Divvy focuses on content marketing and how it relates to editorial scheduling. (@brodydorland and @jaymethomason)

What are some of the content strategy blogs you read on a regular basis? Let me know and we can do version 2 of this list.

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