We have been in the midst of this “content is king” thing for quite a while now, and yet it seems that even though we have put procedures and policies in place for content, it’s just getting harder.

For example, there is tons of information available about how to set up and manage an editorial calendar—there is even software that will help you manage it. Yet companies are having such a hard time keeping up with their blogs and social media content—and there is always pressure to:

  • Do more
  • Do it better
  • Be creative
  • Go viral

Let’s be honest—what really goes viral? Cats? Funny auto-corrects?

To add to this challenge, a lot of our content is not sexy, cool, or exciting. So how are we supposed to make it go viral? Plus, if you are managing content at the distribution level, and you need to stalk your subject matter experts for content, then you are probably more exhausted. (Want to solve this immediately? Register for this event!)


Social Media Return On Investment

Yet another challenge! Your CFO keeps asking if your there is any ROI on all this social media stuff you are managing. Why do we have so many FTE’s (Full time employees) in charge of content and social media, he or she may bark? “What are they doing for the bottom line?”

(I will give you the answer to that one right away: “Well, everyone seems to have a telephone on this office—do you assess the ROI on that communications tool?”)

Assessing and Managing Content & Social Media Fatigue

I have a number of practical suggestions for managing content fatigue and social media burnout that I’m going to cover at DC Web Women’s event on March 18: Overcoming Content Fatigue: Build a Strategy that Works.

My suggestions, that you will be able to implement immediately, total five—here are three to get you excited for the event:

  1. Reprogram your GPS
  2. Create multidisciplinary content teams
  3. Offer lunch

This is going to be a great event and will help you learn how to manage content and social media more effectively in your organizations. Register now to get the early-bird price! (It expires March 12.)


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