It’s no wonder that information graphics, or infographics, have become increasingly popular online. 65% of us are visual learners according to the Social Science Research Network. When created right, it allows those of us who are visual learners to digest information quickly and clearly.
An exciting development in infographics is interactive infographics. When a lot of information needs to be condensed into one graphic the interactive infographic gives you the opportunity to engage your users without overwhelming them. Here are a few infographics from different genres that we love:
1.     How Search Works

Leave it to Google to figure out an awesome way to teach us how those tiny little spiders inside our computer works. Love the stat at the bottom that tells you how many searches were performed while you were on the page. 

Learn interesting facts about major market bubbles that occurred over the past few centuries across the world. The Wall Street Journal creatively designed the infographic in bubbles of pictures and information. 


The New York Times allows you to create a data-driven version of your family and see how many households exist similar to yours. You can also see what percentage that makes up of all households, various demographics, household incomes and how history has changed over time.


Nobody wants to read about diseases, especially when there is a 1 in 3 chance that they already have it or are at risk at developing it. AmeriHealth (New Jersey) found a creative way to explain what diabetes is, how to prevent it and ways to manage it. They really get the message across on the “RATE” tab that displays how many diabetes related deaths occur annually.


Every college football fan can have a field day with this infographic. Choosing from the 50 school logos, you can find out as may stats about your favorite recruits to fill a fantasy player’s bible.

How about you? Ever developed an interactive infographic? Or want to? What do you think of these examples?


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