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12 Ways to Keep Your Content Fresh

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One of the most common questions we get asked as web marketers is how often businesses should update their website. While there is no single strategy that will work for everyone, you certainly could do no harm in making at least one update every month.Here’s why: The Google crawler gives priority ranking to pages with original content. Every time you publish, Google gets a “ping,” so even minor changes give the search engine a new reason to browse and index your pages, which can improve your rankings.It can be challenging to find time every month for making an update, but you can’t afford not to. Businesses that make regular updates are giving visitors reasons to come back, strengthening their loyalty to your brand and driving conversion.

Keep your content fresh for the next year with these 12 updates:  

  1. Add content to your frequently asked questions (FAQ) page. Search engines love FAQ pages and your customers will appreciate the useful content.
  2. Stream your social media feeds right on your homepage. This is a very easy update. If you’re using WordPress just install a streaming plugin. Check out the 20 best social media plug-ins for WordPress.
  3. Make sure your call to action is aligned with current marketing goals. And while you’re at it, see if you can add call-to-action language elsewhere on your site.
  4. Embed a Google Map of your physical location. In addition to helping customers find your store or office, having a map can boost local search engine rankings.
  5. Demonstrate your expertise by adding a page to your website. Blog comments and social media interactions offer keen insights into what your audience would like to know more about.
  6. Create an events calendar.  Many calendar plugins include built-in SEO features that automatically optimize words and links in your event descriptions.
  7. According to experts, case studies and customer testimonials have the best ROI when it comes to adding low cost, highly effective content to your site, according to a TechValidate survey.
  8. Get rid of your news section. One study found that less than 1 percent of visitors are actually reading press releases. Instead, post this information in your blog or better yet on social media.
  9. Updates don’t always mean adding content. Optimize white space by removing visual clutter and making sure your content is crisp and to the point.
  10. No time to write? Update your site with video content. Google gives priority ranking to pages with video over pages with just text.
  11. A regularly updated blog is a great way to add new content. If you’re pressed for time, ask a colleague or trusted subject matter expert to write a guest post.
  12. Using SlideShare, you can embed someone else’s presentation on your site. They get wonderful exposure and you get great content. Simply write an introduction, embed the SlideShare and finish with relevant commentary.

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