spring cleaning marketing strategy

With Daylight Saving Time around the corner, many of us are eagerly awaiting the sense of renewal that comes with spring. Along with decluttering closets and planting flowers, now is also a good time to let go of marketing beliefs and practices that are no longer serving your brand, or anyone else’s brand for that matter.

Freshen Up Your Marketing Strategy by Letting Go of These 6 Practices:

  1. Organizing content in a Z-shaped pattern: As users’ online viewing habits are becoming more sophisticated, eye tracking studies show they are scanning pages using five distinct patterns. To make sure your most important content gets the exposure it deserves, chunk it out and make sure you favor the left side of the screen.
  2. Thinking your app is a marketing strategy: Digital platform guru Josh Clark says it best, “An app is not a strategy. It’s just an app.” Think of your app as a container that helps you deliver content. You can use it to strengthen brand loyalty by applying content in ways that help meet a specific user need, but an app alone does not a marketing strategy make. Read more about creating mobile app content.
  3. Cramming too much information above the fold: Gone are the days of building content for users who don’t scroll: we now know that users are spending as much as 66% of their time below the fold. Your new challenge is to make sure above the fold content is compelling enough to encourage scrolling down for more.
  4. Assuming your mobile users are distracted: With 58% of American adults using smartphones, mobile interactions are just as likely to occur from a user’s couch as they are on the go. With features that desktops don’t have, such as cameras, microphones and GPS, mobile users are not only focused, they have tools to interact with your brand in new and interesting ways.
    For example, allowing current customers to augment product reviews with their own pictures adds depth, and affords potential customers a first-hand account of what they can expect from your brand.
  5. Overestimating the value of homepage traffic: Given advancements in search behavior and search engine ranking algorithms, users who don’t know your brand are far more likely to find your site from blog or video content than your homepage. Use Google Analytics to learn which pages are drawing the most traffic and optimize them to encourage maximum visibility for your brand.
  6. Eliminating extra taps and clicks whenever possible: Today’s users want to engage with brands in a meaningful way. When your website encourages them to breeze through using the least possible number of taps and clicks you’re passing up interactions that can strengthen customer loyalty. In fact if you can hold a user’s attention for just three minutes they are twice as likely to return.

Do this by building your site to encourage touch interactions:

  • Building your site to support the ergonomics of using a device with one hand (it’s all about the thumbs!)
  • Sizing touch targets so they’re easy to use
  • Adding speech recognition capabilities for important features such as search

Did we miss anything? Share your tips with us in the Comments section.


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