Are you spending your time and resources on multiple social media channels?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, flickr, Instagram and Pinterest?

How much ROI are you getting from each channel?

Do you know? Exactly?

We all make choices about priority. But Web 2.0 has muddied the waters. What if we’re not on every channel? What if our customers can’t find us?

Here’s a better question: What if they don’t care?

If you truly want to be effective in social media, you need to set priorities and discover ROI. In other words, you should act like a pumpkin farmer: You need to make a determination about which social media activities grow you the biggest fruit.

Act Like a Pumpkin Farmer

In the business book, The Pumpkin Plan, A Simple Strategy to Grow a Remarkable Business in Any Field, author Mike Michalowicz explains that you must prune your business in the same way a farmer prunes his pumpkin patch. When baby pumpkins grow, the farmer assesses the vine and cuts away certain smaller pumpkins to give the bigger pumpkins the best chance to grow.

Social media strategy is no different. Take a long, analytical look at which tactics are driving your engagement, and therefore your revenue, as well as the tactics that are faltering.

Perhaps you don’t need to create an infographic every week, or post to Instagram four times a month, or create a $10,000 video once a quarter. If that content doesn’t actually do something to drive your revenues, you are simply wasting your time, giving equal sunshine and care to pumpkins that may not grow to true maturity. Then, what will you sell at harvest?

Prune the social media efforts that are not growing fruit. Spend your time mastering one or two channels before moving on to other efforts. It’s your job to convince your executive leadership team that being strategic means using resources in a thoughtful manner to maximize output.


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