The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram

A picture can be worth a thousand words—and followers—on Instagram.

So is your hospital down with the ‘Gram?

Surprisingly, some of the biggest hospitals today are missing the opportunity to achieve a promotional slam-dunk.

So to help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best hospitals on Instagram—and how their strategies can help your organization become an Instagram rockstar, too.

Top 10 Hospital Pages on Instagram

As we combed the social media app’s farthest reaches, we did see some major trends: celebrities, partnering with like-minded organizations and best of all—pictures of food. After our top 10 list, keep reading for tips on how to jump into Instagram or tighten your own strategy.

1. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital:
317k followers, 930 posts

Having Jenna Dewan take over your Instagram account for the day and give a tour is a smart move! She started off with her first photo getting 2,080 likes and ended the day with her last photo upping the ante at 3,278 likes! She also promoted her Strength Lies Within bracelet, which supports the kids of St. Jude.

2. Children’s Hospital L.A.:
76.2k followers, 1,012 posts

In a post that captured Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato coming in for a surprise concert, they attracted users to their website with the call to action: “Watch their surprise concert by clicking the link in our profile.” Celebrity endorsement—always a good call and always guaranteed to get lots of likes!

3. Seattle Children’s Hospital:
52.4k followers, 815 posts

The images are eclectic: shots both in and out of hospitals, honoring past and current patients and raising awareness for all sorts of causes, like Pinwheels for Prevention of child abuse. They also post some creative videos, like this one challenging followers to guess what each image is and then encouraging them to visit their research institute to find out.

4. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals:
52k followers, 1,157 posts

Although it’s not an actual hospital, it fundraises for them. One highlight: They ran a “Miracles I See” photo challenge encouraging people to share photos of their personal miracles. Each day in January corresponded with a different topic, like hope, hardships and hugs. The winners’ stories were told alongside a dramatic black and white photo each day. Here’s to life!

5. UCLA Health:
35.4k followers, 1,986 posts


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“I’m a fourth-generation physician,” says Dr. Ashley Bateman who practices at the UCLA Health Malibu clinic. “Malibu is a little more isolated so we’re able to offer our patients what we call ‘one-stop shopping. If they get hit in the face with a surfboard, we can do a facial laceration on a Friday afternoon. If they break an ankle, we can get an X-ray done right here in the office. We have this beautiful facility and while it’s not a large clinic, it’s a comprehensive clinic. I have seen a newborn and a one-hundred-year old patient in the same day. That’s what family medicine is, we see the whole family. I love coming to work in the morning.” #UCLA #UCLAHealth #UCLACommunity #ItBeginswithU #PowerofU

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Most of their photos have a blue U in the bottom right corner, reminding users of their clever branding. The photos highlight quotes from staff members, volunteers and patients. They also created the clever hashtag #ItBeginsWithU to help keep the conversation going with their followers.

6. Cleveland Clinic:
89.1k followers, 1,013 posts


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What you should know about these beverages. Check out our story or the link in bio. 🥤

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One word: food. Who doesn’t want to see a chocolate chip cookie recipe in addition to heart health facts?

7. Mayo Clinic:
179K followers, 1,324 posts


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Mayo Clinic staff help rescue injured owl. Ornithology isn’t in their job description, but there’s a lucky barred owl in Rochester flying free again because some staff at Mayo Clinic’s Superior Drive Support Center spotted it and came to its rescue. April Josselyn, a marketing associate at Superior Drive Support Center, tells us that in early November, folks arriving for work noticed the injured owl on the north side of the building. “It was obvious that it was hurt,” she says. “There were crows circling above it.” Fortunately, the owl has made “a full recovery,” Josselyn happily reports. And after being nursed back to health, it was released “about a mile down the road” from Superior Drive Support Center on Friday, Dec. 11, 2015. #owl #raptor #rescue

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This post about their staff rescuing an owl seemed to get more likes than the importance of getting a colonoscopy. Sometimes randomness is a good thing!

8. NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital:
28.4k followers, 1,734 posts

They don’t just promote their own causes. One example: Hearts of ECMO, an organization started by two friends—NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital patient, Noah, and Cornell Weil Hospital patient, Frank, who both survived because of ECMO. Way to raise awareness! Is a potential partnership in your future?

9. Shriners Hospitals:
25.3k followers, 2,360 posts

To ensure a broader scope of user engagement, they combined all 22 of their hospital locations into one Instagram page. A little strategy goes a long way.

10. Arnold Palmer Hospital:
5,255 followers, 1,219 posts

They post an image of every blog post, complete with a blue title banner enticing users to read it. Check out their blog, Illuminate: Helping Parents Raise Healthier Kids.

Remember, Instagram is just one channel you can use to distribute your content. If you’re still struggling with Facebook, Instagram might not be right for you. But if you want to promote several service lines or offerings that have high visual content, Instagram may make sense. Just make sure your captions are punchy, you have the right hashtags and you monitor your audience’s reactions.

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