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10 Best Health Insurance Commercials of 2016

Say “health insurance” and you probably think “bureaucracy,” “stodgy” and “paperwork.” But health insurance companies are going to change that perception.

Using a light touch, humorous scenes and relatable scenarios – plus a little little help from starpower (hello, Stephen Curry and Patrick Dempsey!) – we think these health insurance companies are definitely making you think twice about how you perceive health insurance.

Starting from #10, we present you with the 10 best health insurance ads of the year:

#10 Oscar
Branding itself as a “new kind of health insurance,” Oscar speaks to millennials – including those who may “suffer from awesome.” Touting its affordable plan for the under-30 crowd, this amusing ad assures you that no matter what you do – even if you skydive while competitively eating – you’re covered.

#9 Texas Children’s Health Plan
The voiceover begins by stating a truism of life with kids: They don’t always make the best decisions. But that’s why our kids have us – to make the right decisions for them, like choosing a health insurance company that covers everything but the kitchen sink. The winning part of this ad is the oh-so-recognizable scenes of kids being kids. (Hey, using green paint to color your sister’s hair is much more affordable than a stylist anyway!)

#8 AHM Health Insurance
Just like car insurance companies have discounts for “safe drivers,” if you have a “boring body,” you can pay less for your health insurance. This message is delivered through a “heartbreaking” breakup scene, as the woman decides her healthy boyfriend is just no fun to take care of.

#7 Kaiser Permanente
Stephen and Ayesha Curry are running a “clinic” to help participants turn their bad health habits into good ones. (Whipped cream on pizza? Really, sir?) But watch out, Stephen – Ayesha’s about to teach you a lesson about bad habits as well.

#6 Medibank
Katja Glieson, the recording artist, composed and sung the background song “Shooting Star,” chosen for the hospital’s video. Katja speaks about her struggle to be healthy. The commercial aired in July before the 2016 summer Olympics, promoting a strong message of health and wellness: “As we cheer on Team USA, let’s remember to #CelebrateEveryVictory.”

#5 Shields Health Care
Patriots quarterback Tom Brady trusts Shields Health Care: Shouldn’t you, too? That’s the question this ad asks, as a calm, smiling Tom removes his many Super Bowl rings before his MRI exam.

“Whoever you are, there’s a plan for you.” This ad assures viewers that you can find affordable healthcare that fits your lifestyle – whether you’re a ballerina farmer or a superhero librarian.

#3 Cigna
If you’ve been mourning the loss of Derek Shepherd on “Grey’s Anatomy” or you long for the days when “Scrubs,” “ER” and “MASH” graced your television screen, then just put this ad on continuous loop. “TV Doctors for America” – including Dr. Hawkeye Pierce, Dr. Christopher Turk and Dr. Lisa Cuddy – admit what we’ve all suspected for years: They are not actual doctors. However, using their best doctor poses, they encourage Americans to stay healthy and see an actual doctor for a yearly checkup.

#2 United Healthcare 
This ad for United Healthcare is amazing and part of a series. It was hard to just pick one!
It touts the ease with which you can find urgent healthcare and compare costs (you know, for when your husband and his friends are pole-vaulting into the pool).

#1 iSelect
Sometimes, it’s not just you that needs a checkup – it’s your health insurance. During a comical exchange between a slightly hard-of-hearing older couple, we see the importance of making sure you’re only paying for the coverage you need.

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