I started Aha Media with the dream of being a freelance web writer who could work from home and spend more time with her kids.
That was not what happened.

Instead, we have grown into a firm of more than 35 writers, editors, project managers, account executives and leadership staff.

And it’s because of YOU and your support!

Meet our new team members

In the last 6 months, we have hired 3 project managers. They are:

In addition, 6 new writers, 2 new editors and 1 new strategist have joined our team.

And Jena Triggs, senior project manager, has been promoted to director of talent. Jena will be working with all of our awesome writers and editors on training, writing and any changes to SEO and digital marketing.

Still hiring!

Because of this growth, we’re looking for a director of business development. See the job announcement, and please share with anyone you know who might be looking for a new, exciting position.

New clients

We’ve also expanded our client base to include financial services and health insurance. Our content helps people make the most important decisions of their lives – because we take complex subjects and make them easy to understand. Both of those industries have complicated content, and we help make it more accessible and usable to their target audiences.

New thought leadership

We’ve also produced new thought leadership, including:

We are looking for health insurance social media rockstars to contribute to our upcoming ebook. (It will be similar to “10 Healthcare Social Media Rockstars Share their Tips.”) Please email us if you know of any rockstars!

Charity partner: ProLiteracy

We’re very excited to partner with ProLiteracy, a not-for-

profit organization that helps adults throughout the world become more literate. This is the perfect charity partner for us, and as a pledge to this worthy cause, we will give a $250 donation to ProLiteracy for every referral that leads to a client.

We love doing what we do and appreciate that you’ve come this far with us. Let us know if you have any questions and/or inquiries.


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