In highly regulated industries, producing content is challenging. You need a unified strategy, domain experts who are willing to engage and executives who back you up when you hit a hurdle.

Plus (and cue the “Jaws” music now), you need to get that content by compliance.

But you can actually turn off the scary music. In fact, compliance can be your best friend. You just have to talk to them BEFORE you do anything.

Compliance is like passing Go in Monopoly

Compliance is the best place to start when beginning a content project. Only they can tell you the rules before you begin writing and crafting content. Ask them important questions like:

  1. Can we say this?
  2. How do we say this?
  3. How do we have to say this?
  4. What endangers our content from not passing compliance review?
  5. What do we need to know about this topic to write about it effectively and make sure it meets compliance?

Just like in the game of Monopoly, you start at Go. But even when you start with compliance, they’ll still have to approve your content. That’s the second time you go around the board (and hopefully collect $200). But because you have a relationship with them already, you don’t have to try to build something brand new while they’re critiquing your product.

It’s hard to work in highly regulated industries for a lot of reasons. But you don’t have to see compliance as the big bad wolves. Rather, they are helping you follow the rules, yet still create content that enchants your audiences.

Make good choices when ensuring compliant content.


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