Welcome to part 2 of our 4-part series about content auditing. (Catch up on last week’s post if you missed it: Who should conduct a content audit? And when’s the best time to do it?)

This week, our content strategists, Anna HrachKatie Giraulo and Talia Eisen, answer:

What usually surprises people about audits? What side benefits can you expect?


People are usually surprised that they’re not surprised! Organizations often decide to audit so they can validate their well-founded instincts about certain issues with their content. (When you work on the content, you know what’s wrong with it!)
So, they find what they’re looking for, which is a good thing, because now they have the evidence to back up the changes they want to make. A common phrase we hear after a site audit is, “Yep. These are the issues we expected to see.” If the client is committed to regular checkups and maintenance on their site or property, sometimes they’re surprised about how well they’re doing. It’s human nature to avoid peeling back the layers on a potential problem because we’re afraid to look.

Happily, what often greets us isn’t all that bad. (Hint: So be brave and look!) Side benefits? Good habits beget others. The more you make it a practice to know what’s going on with your content, the more inspired (and supported) you’ll feel to do other cool things with your messaging.


In my experience, it’s one extreme or the other: Either everything comes as a complete shock, or nothing is shocking. For the former, most are surprised at the sheer volume of content that has been created and then forgotten about, or even the sheer lack of underperforming content. For the latter, they’re typically not surprised because they had a feeling about what was going on, and the audit confirmed their suspicions.



The most surprising part of an audit is usually the content that has not been updated, either pages that are buried or not easily findable. When you see “last updated …” and that date goes back more than a couple of years, your reaction tends to be, “Good thing we’re auditing this now!”

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