Our content isn’t really useful or valuable until people can find it. And so, it’s really important for us I think, as content strategists, to really embrace the best practices of SEO.“- Ahava Leibtag

How do we make sure that we are wrapping SEO into our content strategy?

Not only do we need to include content strategy in different parts of our content and projects. We need to be sure that throughout the entire time we’re thinking about how we’re planning for our content and how we’re thinking and calling different products and services within our organization.

Watch this short video clip to get 3 tips on how to wrap SEO into our content strategy:

  1. Keyword and analytics research
  2. Language boards
  3. Working with techies

(Or you can read the video script.)

Hope you have a fabulous holiday season and a wonderful end of 2017 and a fabulous 2018. Hopefully we’ll see you next year.


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