How to Make Your Content Have an Impact

Posted on January 16, 2018 by in Content development/ Copywriting

Recently, a donor sent $1,000 check – unsolicited – to one of our clients, a foundation researching a rare genetic disease. Here’s what the donors said:

“My husband and I scoured the internet, reading everything we could many times (to discover if our infant grandson has this disease). The information on your website was so informative and reassuring. I am thankful that treatment exists to help – although I was shocked at the costs involved! We’re so glad that an organization such as yours exists to provide this wonderful support. Please accept this donation in honor of our grandson.”

Attached to the letter? A $1,000 check.

Why the content works

Why did the content make such a difference to this couple? Because it provided the two things they were seeking:

  1. Information: People come to the web with a set of questions. Our job as content creators is to answer those questions and empower people to make decisions based on the information they gather.
  2. Reassurance: This is the critical part. When people feel reassured, they calm down. They can assimilate the information embedded in the content. They get their questions answered, and they feel like they can move ahead.

This couple was in pain. Their new grandson’s life was in danger, and they were in a state of high anxiety. They were looking for information, reassurance and support to help him and their daughter. And they found what they needed in this content.

Want your content to have an impact?

Make sure it has information that answers questions, connects empathetically and empowers people to move forward.

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