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Why Your Power Content is The Most Important

Recently, I was discussing how to rewrite 4,000 pages of a website with a potential client. We talked about which pages are strategically important and which ones might be sunset. For me, the No.1 priority was to rewrite the power content.

What is power content?

Power content is what converts your users into customers. There’s a lot of content in your brand’s universe: who we are, what we do, products, services and how to do business with us.

But power content is the closer that makes the deal happen. Power content drives the sale or the engagement – it’s the clincher that makes the user declare, “This is where I want to go,” or “This is where I want to buy from.”

How can you recognize power content?

You’ll recognize your power content because it:

  • Speaks directly to your audience’s pain points, describing the problem
  • Explains why you have the solution
  • Is specific and often provides data to back up your claims

Power content is persuasive. It helps build trust with your audience. It keeps them coming back to your brand again and again.

Aha Media can dig deep to understand the current state of your content with content audits, assessments and competitive gap analyses and then help you create your power content.


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