How to Become a Better Writer in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Posted on October 30, 2018 by in Content development/ Copywriting

At Aha Media, our team of experienced writers produces content that resonates with readers and converts them to customers. How do we become better writers? How do we hone our skills, keep our writing sharp and consistently turn out high-quality content? We write – often. We write, we write again, and we write some more.

Learning how to become a better writer takes commitment. But you don’t need marathon writing sessions. You can improve your technique by practicing in 5-minute spurts. It’s like interval training for writers!

Sharpen Your Pencils for the Aha Media Writing Challenge

During November, we’re challenging you to write for just 5 minutes each day. We’ll give you a new writing prompt daily to help refine your web writing skills.

These mini-missions will be a mix of prompts:

  • Content prompts: Write about a specific topic.
  • Techniques: Free write for 5 minutes and then practice a skill, such as bulleting your copy.

Download the November Writing Challenge Calendar. And follow along with Ahava as she follows the prompts and writes daily in her Instagram Stories.

Show Us Your Work for a Chance to Win Prizes!

At the end of the month, snap a photo of all the writing you did. Then, post to Instagram or Twitter and tag @ahamediagroup or Ahava personally at @ahaval using #AhaWriteNov18. We’ll enter you into a raffle to win a signed copy of Ann Handley’s Everybody Writes.

And don’t forget to check our Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, and YouTube often. We’ll be posting even more writing tips there throughout the month – and occasionally surprising participants with other prizes.

Happy Writing!


About Jessica Wozinsky

Jessica Wozinsky

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