5 Steps to Fight Fake Healthcare News with Trustworthy Content

You work hard to create trustworthy content that helps people make informed healthcare decisions. But fake health news is a real problem — and causing real damage.

How Google is Fighting Fake Healthcare News

Google and social media channels are combating the problem by:

  • Rewarding sites that have reliable content
  • Penalizing ones that produce inaccurate, outdated or questionable content

What’s an E-A-T Score and Why You Need to Improve it

Google gives healthcare websites an E-A-T score for expertise, authority and trustworthiness.

Sites with high E-A-T scores:

  • Have better user engagement and conversions
  • Are ranked higher by search engines

5 Steps to Improve Your Healthcare Content, E-A-T Score and Reach with Trustworthy Content

This is a perfect time to check that your content is reliable, updated and trustworthy. Follow the tips in our infographic to ensure you’re providing consumers with helpful content — while improving your site’s SEO and social reach.

use trustworthy content to fight fake healthcare news

More ways to improve the SEO of your healthcare content:

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