People always ask me: We have great ideas. We have people who are capable of great execution. We know what we are supposed to be doing. So why is our workflow such a mess? What are we doing wrong?

The Place Where Quality Content Goes to Die

The answer, more times than I’d like to count, is this: Fabulous content doesn’t get stuck in the horrible bottleneck of stakeholder approvals, compliance sign-offs or executive disagreement.

Oh no.

Where does quality content go to die?

The bottom of someone’s to-do list.

You Need a Conductor

Every single content shop, whether internal or external, needs great project managers. Project managers:

  • Shepherd content along the production line.
  • Remind people about due dates.
  • Align content with strategic concerns.
  • Reduce workload on the creative roles on the team.
  • Work with compliance and regulatory teams.

Why You Need a Project Manager

This may be an unpopular opinion, but I wrote passionately about it for CMSWire. Read Who Is the Most Important Person on Your Content Team to learn:

  • What to do if you can’t afford a project manager
  • What content creators really need to be successful
  • How to get buy-in on hiring a project manager from executives

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