Lately, when I turn on the news, I hear less about the devastation from the coronavirus (which is still heartbreaking) and more about plans to reopen the country. As healthcare communicators, we’re in the trenches, giving our audience the crucial information they need. But with this shift in tone, it’s time to look ahead and begin planning for the next phase of this pandemic.

Anticipate What Your Audience Will Want to Know

As the guidelines shift and change, people continue to have new questions. Keep a list of what your audience will search for. Then, you can offer guidance when they come looking for it.

As the guidelines shift & change, people have new questions. Keep a list of what your audience will search for. Then, offer guidance when they come looking for it. Click To Tweet

Typically, ideation is something we do with our clients, but we’re freely sharing these topics to get you started:

When can I:

  • Reschedule an elective surgery?
  • Go to the doctor for a routine visit?
  • Take my children to the pediatrician for well checks?
  • Make an appointment with the dentist?
  • Get my hair or nails done?

Is it safe to:

  • Go on vacation this summer?
  • Fly?
  • Get together with friends or extended family?
  • Eat out?
  • Let my kids participate in sports, have playdates or go to daycare/school?

Should we continue to:

  • Wear masks in public?
  • Keep 6 feet of space between people that are not in the same family?
  • Limit public gatherings and large events?
  • Avoid handshakes and hugs?
  • Limit contact with the elderly and people with health conditions?

We’re Here to Help

We’re committed to helping the wider healthcare community however we can. We’re all in this together — now more than ever — so please take advantage of our COVID-19 resources for healthcare communicators. And if you have questions or ideas about other coronavirus content you’d like to see from us, let us know.


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