Turn Hospital Website Content into Social Media Material: 10 Examples

You’ve probably created a ton of coronavirus content in the last few months. You likely published it on your website so users can find it in just a few clicks. But what if your audience isn’t looking there?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, social media usage has ramped up. On Facebook, U.S. traffic to other websites has risen by more than 50% as people seek updates and insights. If you aren’t posting your operational content there, you’re missing out.

But you can’t just post large chunks of text straight from your website. You have to repurpose it to fit the channel. It has to be visual, to-the-point, and written in plain language. Make sure you consider:

  • What’s the most important information I should call out?
  • What answers can I give my social media audience so they don’t have to dig?

It’s possible to turn your operational website content (like visitation restrictions and mask requirements) into visual social media content — without breaking your budget. In the ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples below, we show you how. The examples fall into categories:

Visitor Restrictions

Example 1:

Our writers narrowed down need-to-know visitor information from this anonymous hospital webpage. Next, a designer repurposed the copy into a visual format ideal for social media. Anyone wondering “are visitors allowed at X hospital” can search on social media and find the answers they’re looking for — no digging required.


repurpose hospital website content

turn operational content into social media posts

Example #2:

This hospital webpage was loaded with important information — but it’s not all necessary to share on social media. Get to the point faster by pulling out the must-know content. Which departments allow visitors, and how many? Which locations allow zero visitors? Answer in as few words as possible to make your patients’ and visitors’ lives easier.


social media content design

Example #3:

Whew — there’s quite a bit of information to read through on this PDF! Let’s get down to it: Are visitors allowed at the hospital or not? This social media post answers that question with just two sentences and a handful of bullets. Quick, succinct and helpful.


repurpose content for social media

hospital social media content

COVID-19 Testing

Example #1:

For those wondering if they should get tested for COVID-19 (and how to go about it), share must-know content on social media to eliminate confusion.

  • Is there a drive-thru testing site?
  • Do you have to call ahead?
  • How long will results take?

Answer these questions in as few words as possible and share where people are already looking. BONUS: This makes it easier for your audience to spread the word themselves to family and friends.


designing content for social media

use website content on social media


Example #1:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, those with recurring doctor’s appointments (ahem, pregnant women) have questions. Should they continue going to their appointments? Is a mask required? Can partners attend ultrasounds? What safety precautions are in place? Get to the bottom of their concerns with a short social media image.


hospital safety content

creating hospital social media content

Example #2:

What is your hospital doing to keep people safe as it opens for every day procedures? Reassure your audience that it’s safe to come back, but share it in the place they’re already browsing: Social media.


repurpose healthcare content

hospital social media strategy

Example #3:

Again, it’s great to have safety information on your hospital website. But if it looks like this, it’s too much for social media. Narrow it down to key points and add some visual components. The info will not only stand out, but it’ll be easily accessible for those who are already browsing social media.


safety content for social media

hospital social media marketing

Example #4:

Now that most hospitals are performing elective surgeries again, patients have questions. Sure, they can find answers on your website, but why not reach them where they already are? Narrow down your top questions about elective surgeries and new safety protocols and call them out on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your audience roams.


hospital social media content examples

creating social media content


Example #1

Answering frequently-asked-questions (FAQs) is a great way to be helpful to your audience. But on social media, brevity is key. What are the most common FAQs people are asking? Sum up the answers and direct people to your full webpage for more information.


repurpose hospital website content

creating hospital social media posts

Example #2:

People have a lot of questions on plasma donation for COVID-19. How does it save lives? Can they donate? What does the process look like? Be a helpful resource on social media by answering these questions in a way audiences can understand.


healthcare social media marketing

creating content for social media

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