The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over. Make sure your web content uses the latest terms in plain language.

Round 2: COVID-19 Plain Language

Our first COVID-19 plain language cheat sheet covers 20+ terms. Now it’s time for Part 2.

As we learn more about the coronavirus, new words continue to enter our vocabulary. All communicators need to be clear when writing about these terms. Use plain language: Avoid complex terms and long sentences so that people can make important health decisions.

For example:

  • When you use the term “contact tracing”
  • Explain it first
  • Example: “Contact tracers can help stop the spread of the coronavirus. They let people know if they’ve been around someone with COVID-19.”

See more uses of COVID-19 plain language in our part 2 cheat sheet. Feel free to share it with your team.

No form, just the file. Download your copy below.

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