Is your CRM a hungry content beast that’s difficult to feed?

As hospitals and health systems embrace Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM), they are learning the challenges of writing, editing and maintaining content designed to drive relationships.

Being able to capture your traffic’s personal details and nurture your relationship with your audience is why CRMs were born. Yet, so many hospitals are having trouble making use of these powerful tools. Here are 3 ways to maximize your success:

3 Ways to Feed Your CRM

  1. Make a personalized offer: If you’re developing landing pages to capture people’s personal information, but don’t give them a customized takeaway, you’re missing the value you can bring. That takeaway should be something substantial but not overwhelming. We recently developed a 10-page ebook for an academic medical center called Lung Cancer: A Guide for Patients & Caregivers. Chock full of details about lung cancer symptoms, staging and treatments, this ebook delivered important 101 and 201 information in a digestible, empathetic format. Make sure the guides you offer for download do the same, are customized to your institution and articulate your market differentiators.
  2. Match your landing page to the offer: We recently evaluated a landing page that asked if patients had knee or hip pain. But the content offered for download was a guide called Advanced Robotic Arm Assisted Surgery. This isn’t The Bachelor, where you go from first date to meet the parents in one fell swoop. Moving from pain to a specialized, advanced form of surgery is too much, too fast for a landing page. Make sure you match users’ journeys—and expectations—as you plan your offers.
  3. Create thoughtful calls to action: If you’re providing customers with a downloadable offer, pay attention to how you word the call to action (CTA). On the landing page we just mentioned, the button to download the offer said “Submit Your Information.” But that CTA is brand-focused and not about the customer. Here’s why: Every time we make language choices, our goal should be to inspire our audiences. In this case, the button should have read, ‘Get Your Guide,’ ‘Download Your Guide to Hip and Knee Pain’ or ‘Get Your Questions About Hip/Knee Pain Answered.’ This is the last chance you have for the user to make a decision to press that button—they need a reason to do it.

Hospital CRMs promise a wealth of data and insight into your audience. But if you don’t approach every offer thoughtfully, you’ll miss a golden opportunity to build that treasured relationship.

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