Author: Amy Paturel

Close the Deal: 5 Ways to Craft a Winning Call to Action

Most successful marketing campaigns include a compelling call to action, or CTA. Of course, crafting this message can be a challenge. That’s one reason businesses tend to use the same CTA phrases over and over ad nauseum. Buy now! Click here! Subscribe today! Not only do these phrases get old, they’re all about YOU —… Read more

The Art of Revising

You’ve written your piece, it’s coherent, readable, somewhat put together. But to make your draft sing, you need to take a few extra steps, including performing a thorough edit. That’s where good old proofreading comes in. Editing Pro-Tips The word revision means “to see again.” Is it any wonder that the key to successful revising… Read more

8 Ways to Keep Copy Short and Sweet to Make an Impact

There’s a reason for the cliché “short and sweet.” People like it when you get to the point. And since our attention span is about on par with a goldfish (meaning we both lose interest after about 8 seconds), it’s essential to get in, say your thing and get out – stat! A study published… Read more

4 Ways to Make an Impact with Patient Stories

When my son, Jack, was 14 months old, we learned he had a rare heart condition called a double aortic arch, or vascular ring. The condition is marked by an extra branch that stems from the heart and encircles the esophagus and trachea almost like a vise. The result: Kids sound like a truck motor… Read more

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