Author: Kate Schmieding

5 Steps to Get Your “Off the Rails” Project Back on Track

We all dream of the perfect project. It kicks off with excitement. The creative is flawless. And it’s miraculously produced on time and under budget. (By the way, that image is as dreamy to me as pizza without the carbs.) But then you find yourself with a hurdle: Uh-oh, the stakeholder isn’t responding. Oh gosh,… Read more

Decoding 5 Common Business Acronyms

Lately, “business casual” isn’t a dress code to me. It’s a language. Ever since the invention of email, we’ve been trying to compress our communications. And so business acronyms were born. When you start a new job, the most important thing to learn is their abbreviated dialect. I remember when I started at Aha Media… Read more

Top 3 Trends from Content Marketing World

I was lucky enough to attend the Content Marketing World convention this month in sunny Cleveland. The best and the brightest content marketing minds converged to share their learnings, promote their accomplishments and tried desperately (and fruitlessly) to run into Tina Fey, the keynote speaker. These were the trends I observed over 3 days spent… Read more

How Baking Cakes Can Improve Your Content

A former boss once told me that you should approach every project as though you’ve been asked to bring a cake to a special event. Are you going to pick up a sheet cake from your local grocery store? Or will you ask the host if anyone has an allergy, research the perfect recipe, carefully… Read more

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Kate is a lifetime project manager and copywriter with a decade of experience in technology marketing and entertainment communications. She spent 11 years in California at high profile companies like Ubisoft and Warner Bros. Records and just relocated back to Upstate New York to enjoy the country life. Kate is an award-winning writer with 4... More >