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Category: Mobile

How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Your Healthcare Website

Your kid wakes up with an earache on a Saturday. “Alexa, where’s the closest Urgent Care?” You ask rather than type because your voice assistant is faster than your nimble thumbs. And even better: Once Alexa gives you a result, you see the website has a virtual assistant ready to help. Score! No digging through… Read more

Be All That You Can Be On Mobile

Did you know that half of Google searches take place on mobile devices? HALF. And, conversion rates are higher there. As Google continues to prioritize the platform, the message is clear: You need to make the most of mobile. (See the company’s turn to mobile-first indexing.) Mobile strategy is a consistent, ongoing effort. Here are some tips… Read more

Are You Thinking Mobile or Mobility?

For years, we’ve been talking about the mobile landscape, but it’s time to change our thinking to mobility—the combination of mobile, digital and social media as a communications ecosystem. People expect a seamless experience. Smartphones and other devices power our communications. As of September 2015, 80% of Americans own smartphones, and at least a quarter… Read more

7 Reasons We Love mHealth

As we move toward a system where value-based care is the norm, practices that embrace mobile health (mHealth) have a distinct advantage: Tablets and apps in particular are making it easier and faster to provide high quality, patient-centered care. Here are 7 reasons we love mHealth, and why you should too: Breaking down barriers: Tablets… Read more

4 Touch-Friendly Tips to Improve Mobile Conversion Rates

It’s no longer enough to offer websites that look good on mobile devices. Successful mobile marketing allows users to have meaningful interactions with your brand. To do this your content must be touch-friendly. Here we offer four touch-friendly tips: Obey the fat finger rule: Small touch targets can lead to big problems. Just ask the… Read more