What if you could swap new web content as easily as you do clothes in your closet? (I took 2 teenage girls shopping this weekend, so I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world.)

And what if that resulted in 100% increase in online donations and 252% increase in visitors? Read on to find out how the National Gaucher Foundation made it happen with web and blog content written specifically with their audience’s needs in mind.

Use blogging to connect with your audience

A website provides plenty of helpful information for your audience, but it doesn’t always touch upon all the topics that interest them. And that’s where blogging can help. A blog gives you a way to cover a range of relevant, useful and current topics while driving traffic to other parts of the website.

Aha Media used blogging to help the National Gaucher Foundation score a 52% increase in organic search traffic. The Aha Media team wrote blog content that applied web writing and SEO best practices while empowering followers with new information. Audience interaction was key: Blog topics were often chosen based on online discussions and interactions.

Using the custom content Aha Media created, the National Gaucher Foundation significantly increased engagement with its community. Their website showed a 100% increase in online donations as well as a 252% increase in visitors.

If you need help cleaning out some of the old, out-of-date content, Aha Media can audit your content and provide you with all your  content marketing needs.



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