You know how they say you have to walk in your customers’ shoes to understand them? Well, that’s what we did these past few months, as Aha Media underwent our first-ever rebrand.

We’re about to embark upon on our 10th year of business. Thank you to all of you who have made us a major destination for companies that want to create outstanding content and content strategies. When we began, it was just me and a freelance writing business that I started so I could spend more time with my kids (go ahead, laugh. I know I do.)

Now that we have more than 16 people working with us to create exceptional content and brand experiences, a rainbow logo that emphasized my name wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

The Story Behind our New Brand

Creating a new brand isn’t just about working with a designer to come up with an appealing blend of letters, colors and ideas. It’s about thinking about the kind of organization you want to build and who you really want to be. Our new logo emphasizes our commitment to great strategy (blue) and creativity (pink) overlapping to show our overriding passion about both. Our abstract freeform shapes lets you know, “We will never box you in.”

But, boy, I made tons of rookie mistakes while creating this new brand. I worked with the designer by myself, before I realized that I had an executive team who needed, wanted and most of all, deserved buy-in. I tried focusing on what the company had become, instead of what we all wanted the company to be. And, worst of all, I forgot that for my customers, the feelings we inspire is what matters the most. Every single client who works with us says the same thing, again and again: “You make the entire content process easy and inspired.”

I am so proud of the organization we’ve created, together, during the past 10 years. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, partnership, honesty and passion. Together, we’re going to continue to produce quality, amazing content that inspires and engages your target audiences.

On behalf of the entire team at Aha Media, we are proud to share our new brand: logo, blog and website.



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