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Improve Communication Between Healthcare Teams and Patients: 3 Strategies

Aha Media Group writer Teri Cettina switched roles, from health copywriter to patient, when she was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer.

How to Spur an 100% Increase in Online Donations

What if you could swap new web content as easily as you do clothes in your closet? (I took 2 teenage girls shopping this weekend, so I know it’s not the easiest thing in the world.) And what if that resulted in 100% increase in online donations and 252% increase in visitors? Read on to find out… Read more

Unconventional Ideas for Hospital Content

Unconventional Ideas for Hospital Content I was thinking recently about a Bob Dylan line: “He not busy being born is busy dying.” There’s a challenge in those words that resonates with me. If I look at my day, my week, my year – how much time do I spend “being born,” seeking out moments that… Read more

18 Healthcare Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

2017 is almost over. But we’re not winding down – just the opposite. We’re gearing up for what’s going to be a huge year in healthcare marketing, social media and content strategy. How do we know it’s going to be a huge year? Because we went to the experts and asked them. We talked to the… Read more

People Who Are A Little Sick Need Empathy Too: 5 Hard Truths

As a health content writer, putting myself in someone else’s shoes helps me write compassionate, informative content about some really awful diseases. I tinker with prose ad nauseam to describe sophisticated treatments in ways people can actually understand. But I have a confession to make. I’ve been giving people with less serious health problems the… Read more

Why is Healthcare Digital Strategy Setting Marketing Strategy?

Several of our healthcare clients have confided that they have a rather large challenge within their organizations. Digital strategists are setting overall marketing and content strategy. That might be problematic, for a lot of reasons. Why is this happening? And how can we fix it? (And, it is happening to you?) Fix The Foundational Problem… Read more

Hospitals: Why Your B2C is Going to Be B2B

For the longest time, hospital marketers have been focused on marketing to consumers. But as referral patterns continue to shift, doctors will be our focus. In the 11 years I’ve spent in healthcare marketing, I have seen hospitals shrink or even eliminate their physician liaison programs. But, I think they’re going to resurrect them. Physicians… Read more

The Growing Potential of Podcasting for Healthcare

In my recent blog post, The Growing Potential of Podcasts, I explored the burgeoning potential of podcasts for all marketers. The power of podcasting was clear: People are increasingly listening to podcasts. Podcasts are listened to everywhere – in the home and on-the-go. The popularity of podcasts is wide-ranging, but tends to have most potential… Read more

Why We Should Learn Directly from Patients

Five Aha Media Group team members attended this year’s Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Cleveland. We met with other health writers and editors from across the country, while learning from leading clinicians, researchers and other health experts. Our biggest takeaway? Write for the patients.

Managing Factual Reviews During the Editorial Process

One of the hardest parts of the editorial process is having doctors, or subject matter experts, edit content for factual review. Your only goal is to make sure the content is medically accurate…their goal is to make sure it sounds the way they want it to. You’ve already decided on a conversational, consumer-friendly voice and… Read more

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