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How to Use Physician Bios to Attract New Patients: 6 Examples

Imagine this scenario: You recently moved across the state with your husband. You know one of you is going to catch a cold or flu bug sooner rather than later, and you’ll need a doctor on standby. But you have no one in this new city you can ask for a rec. So how do… Read more

9 Tips for Marketing Your Hospital Using Online Doctor Profiles

More than 90 percent of Americans consider choosing a doctor a major life decision. Word of mouth is still a primary influencer, but consumers are now seeking those “words” online. In fact, nearly half of consumers are going online to research doctors before seeking care. Make it easy for them to find what they’re looking… Read more

Promoting Hospital Doctors: 8 Creative Ideas for your Website

Your doctors are a critical part of your hospital’s reputation. Their credentials, expertise and experience are what draw patients to your institution. So it makes sense to showcase their expertise by promoting hospital doctors on your website. Here are eight creative ideas for promoting hospital doctors on your site: 1. Pictures Nothing says reassuring, confident… Read more