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[VIDEO] Matt Hummel of Paragon Consulting on Consumerism, the Digital Front Door & How the Pandemic Will Change How Hospitals Manage and Design Portals

What Did You Learn? Episode 18 These past 7 months have accelerated consumerism in healthcare in a shorter period than ever before. People expect more out of what they can do online, from making appointments, accessing health records and continuing with the telehealth they experienced during the pandemic. “Once we get over mental or attitudinal… Read more

Market Telehealth Services During the Coronavirus — and Beyond: 3 Tips

During this pandemic, telehealth services are saving countless people from potentially spreading or contracting the coronavirus. Many patients — and providers — using this technology will want it to stick around long-term.

Telemedicine: Content for the Next Medical Frontier

If your organization is fully integrated with an electronic health record (EHR) system, you may soon be taking the plunge into telemedicine. Plan now for how you’ll communicate the value that telemedicine offers patients. Start With “Why” Messaging When you’re explaining the value of telemedicine, speak to your patients, not every stakeholder in the game…. Read more

3 Big Ways Telehealth Can Improve Your Bottom Line

In recent years, hospitals have made great strides toward incorporating telehealth into their service offerings. Such endeavors come at a price, when you consider the cost of requisite technology, training and workflow re-engineering. However, organizations that persevere have much to gain – most notably in their bottom line. Here are 3 big ways telehealth can… Read more