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Tag: Website content

What is Conversational Writing? And How to Get It in Your Organization

Listen, bro, writing conversationally, is like, really hard. I mean, I want to slay it, gurl, but sometimes it’s just easier to use stiff English so it’s clear that I’m a professional communicator with a graduate degree and a working knowledge of bigly words. So how do you define conversational content in your organization? A few… Read more

6 Visual Content Marketing Tips

Recently, we talked about how visual content marketing boosts the visibility of your content and helps users retain key messages. Visuals such as images and videos are content marketing awesome sauce because they require less brainwork than words do. And nothing builds loyalty faster than a good online experience. If I see a dress online… Read more

For Winning Content, Take a Cue from Cooking Videos

I’m a foodie, and since I can’t spend my whole day eating, I sometimes get my fix by watching cooking videos. Thanks to the magic of time-lapse video, good eats (Ultimate Pad Thai 2 Ways, anyone?) come together in less than one minute. These videos are entertaining. They’re informative. I can’t stop watching them. And… Read more

Why Your Power Content is The Most Important

Recently, I was discussing how to rewrite 4,000 pages of a website with a potential client. We talked about which pages are strategically important and which ones might be sunset. For me, the No.1 priority was to rewrite the power content. What is power content? Power content is what converts your users into customers. There’s a… Read more

Crutch Words, You Are Going Down!

Like many people, I’m resolving to get rid of clutter. But I’m not talking about clearing out my closets or using the KonMari method to organize my kitchen. The clutter in my life is crutch words. And I was surprised to learn that my content is full of them. What are crutch words? Crutch words… Read more

Passive Voice Should Be Avoided By You

We all have that friend who just cannot tell a story. You know the one I’m talking about, right? Every time this friend starts a tale, a cold shiver of dread runs through you. The action falls flat, you can’t tell who is doing what, and every sentence feels unremarkable. You nod and smile, mentally… Read more

Are You Scared of Your Customers?

When we start a web project, one of the first things we ask is, “What are the top 5 questions people have about your organization?” Then we ask, “And where are the answers on your site?” Guess what? They’re usually buried. Let’s start with why. Transparency Leads to Vulnerability Often, organizations are afraid to answer those… Read more

For the Love of God, Please Stop Doing This

I was recently teaching a course to junior designers about content strategy. As we set our intentions for what we wanted to learn (a great tool at the beginning of any workshop or meeting), the students asked me for mine. “For the love of God, do not start designing until you understand the content.” I continued,… Read more

How to Avoid the Template of Doom

Content templates help both designers and content creators determine the limitations of the design when it comes to building content within a format. Hallmarks of content templates include: character counts, guidance on meta data and direction on how to write. But sometimes they fail. Here’s why.

How Long Should Your Content be for SEO?

Recently, a client told us they wanted to write 2,500-word articles on healthcare topics to increase their findability on search engines.
And we gulped. 2,500 words on any topic sounds like a lot. And even if it would increase your findability, would people really stay and read it? So we did what we love to do — researched the topic to find out if this strategy makes sense. Here’s what we found out.