Every year, towards the beginning of the holiday season, we like to recap the year. Thank you, dear readers for your interest in our blog. If you have missed any of our popular posts, here’s a chance to catch up while you enjoy the holiday season. Happy Holidays and happy reading!

The Top 10 Aha Media Blog Posts of 2016

Content Strategy and Content Marketing

  1. Should Your Content be in PDFs?
  2. 2 Web Writing Changes You Should Make Today
  3. Why Charging by the Page is Absurd
  4. How to Avoid the Template of Doom
  5. How Long Should Your Content be for SEO?

Healthcare and Hospitals

  1. 10 Best Hospital Commercials of 2015Get excited for the 2016 version!
  2. The 10 Best Hospitals on Instagram
  3. Why More Hospitals Should be on Snapchat
  4. 5 Tips to Writing Amazing Physician Bios
  5. Improving The Patient Experience Through Content


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10 Healthcare Brands to Watch on TikTok

10 Healthcare Brands to Watch on TikTok

Strange dance moves, cringey challenges, off-beat lip-synching ... yeah, TikTok came from humble beginnings. But who hasn’t gone through an awkward phase? Now that TikTok’s graduated from middle school, it’s emerging as a new marketing opportunity for organizations....

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