We love commercials. Really well done, thoughtful, humorous, inspiring ones, that is. For the past 5 years, we have curated The Top 10 Hospital Commercials of each year. Last year we added a bonus: The 10 Best Health Insurance Commercials of 2016. (See, we’re not joking. We really love commercials).

This year, we’re expanding in a new direction: Financial services ads.

After health, money may be the No. 1 thing people stress about. Where to invest? How to save? And who can help me make sense of all of this? These commercials did a great job of making you feel that you – and your money – are in competent and caring hands.

Starting from #10, we present you with the 10 best financial services ads of the year:

#10 Etrade

How to deal with anger and jealousy? E*TRADE thinks the answer might just be … investing.

#9 TD

These (non-actor) couples get an A+ for how well they know each other … but are failing when it comes to knowing their finances. TD Bank thinks they can help.

#8 Principal

Perhaps the one thing we can count on is life not going according to plan, as this couple knows well. They meet cute, get pregnant unexpectedly and have to shelve some of their plans to raise a family. But wait for the surprise (and teary) ending – made possible with financial planning and Principal Financial Group.

#7 Suntrust

Be confident about your money with SunTrust – as confident as this guy (who HASN’T dreamed of belting Bon Jovi songs into a microphone in the middle of a stadium?)

#6 Huntington Bank

This humorous ad highlights the extreme methods other banks use to avoid talking to their customers. Luckily, Huntington actually enjoys working with customers to help them reach their financial goals.

#5 Wells Fargo

The all-too-familiar scene of needing to withdraw money when you don’t have your wallet on you: Wells Fargo shows how easy it is to get cash so you can buy those snickerdoodles – without needing to remember any pesky “security questions.” (What was my first pet’s middle name, anyway?)

#4 TD Ameritrade

This TD Ameritrade ad makes a solid point: Shouldn’t our investments work as hard as we do? Listening to this busy working mom’s schedule, you’ll be nodding your head in agreement.

#3 BMO Harris

A BMO mortgage specialist comes to you, when it’s convenient for you. But Dad thinks he’s a Special Someone in your life. Confusion reigns!

#2 Wealthsimple

If you want to put your heads over your ears and duck underwater when people start talking annuities, bonds, bitcoin and “the future”—you will definitely relate to this ad’s protagonist. Wealthsimple does just what its name promises – simplifies investing. You can uncover your ears now.

#1 Bank of America

If you are a fan of “Who’s on first?” you will love this ad, staring Boston Red Sox pitchers Chris Sale, David Price and Steven Wright, trying to give away ice cream to some very confused kids.

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