All year, our team looks out for healthcare marketing ads that leave a lasting impression. Now, we’ve whittled down our list to the 10 best hospital commercials of the year.


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The Ingredients of the Top Hospital Commercials

What makes a great healthcare ad? The secret ingredient is not screaming “I’m a hospital commercial!” We love some mystery; those ads that keep you watching until you get to that “Aha!” moment at the end.

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Without further ado, here are the best hospital commercials of 2019!

#10: Gunderson Health System

This ad celebrates your lungs, not the hospital. Gunderson Health System’s commercial reminds you to get your lung cancer screening. This helpful, patient-focused reminder will likely leave viewers with grateful feelings toward the health system.

#9: Children’s Health

Another ad where the stars are the people — young patients in this case — and not the hospital. (We are here for this!) Seeing the bravery, humor and determination of pediatric patients at Children’s Health highlights what a special hospital it must be.

#8: Advocate Aurora Health*

Trying to tout ALL your amazing features in one ad may end up sounding a little empty. Instead, take a page from Advocate Aurora Health. They focused on one area: improved patient convenience through technology. Watch as patients get test results, make appointments and view ultrasound images wherever they are — even during goat yoga!

#7: Banner Health

When you walk into a hospital, do you want to feel like you’re entering a cold, faceless facility — or do you want to feel at home, surrounded by caring people? Banner Health knows the answer. Using the song “Our House,” they showcase how their employees make the hospital feel like home.

#6: Centura Health

What’s behind the “MD?” Our own physician bio survey results showed us just how important it is to highlight the personal side of physicians. Centura Health’s commercial takes you back in time to the moment one of their surgeons, Dr. John Sun, decided he wanted to become a physician. And this is exactly what patients want to see; the research proves it!

#5: Texas Children’s Hospital

Spaces make a difference. Last year, The Walt Disney Company pledged $100 million to reimagine the patient experience at children’s hospitals across the globe. Texas Children’s Hospital is the first to receive funds for this initiative. This commercial highlights their hospital’s magical transformation, showing NOT telling the experience for kids and parents alike.

#4: Advent Health

The health system based this upbeat and inspiring ad on Advent Health’s popular 21-day Feel Whole Challenge™. The ad has an informal social media feel with raw (yet moving!) video and tweets that include their hashtag #feelingwhole.

#3: Ascension Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Football great Peyton Manning brings star power and comedy to this commercial for the hospital that bears his name: the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent. You can’t help but smile as he pokes fun at himself.

#2: Mayo Clinic*

The poignant ad uses beautiful imagery and music by Academy Award-winning composer Gustavo Santaolalla. A father and son are bonding on a road trip, having fun but with a slightly somber undertone. At the end of the commercial, they arrive at Mayo Clinic. The father smiles encouragingly at his son as they enter the hospital together. They have clearly traveled a far distance because “when you need to find answers, you know where to go.”

#1: UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital

This is what we love; when the commercial doesn’t scream healthcare. This ad is an excellent example of making an impact with patient stories. UCHealth patient, Tonya Trostel, a former state track champion, experienced life-threatening complications after having her daughter. As Trostel runs on a remote highway, she slowly strips away her fancy running gear. The message is clear: It’s not the gear that makes you powerful and healthy — it’s taking care of yourself, with a trusted healthcare partner by your side.

Do you agree with our picks? Are there other commercials you think should’ve been on our list? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn!

*Note: This is an Aha Media Group client.


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