If you’re a content marketer, you are always thinking about content: the formats you should use, what your audience responds to, the timing of when you release that content.
Clients always seem to get stumped on the idea of content. After 8 years of working in this industry, I started to realize it was because we had forgotten the fundamentals of marketing. Somehow, digital publishing blurred the basics of delivery and distribution.

Think About Content Like This

Content holds information. Any piece of information we want to talk to our audiences about, we encode in a content format: video, article, photograph, graphic, etc. By doing this, we target different audiences by using content formats they will respond to.
Think of a teenager. Probably watching YouTube. A senior who doesn’t feel that comfortable with digital media? Probably NOT watching YouTube. This is why understanding your audience and how they consume content is so important, so you can pick the right content formats that will appeal to them.
As a marketer, it’s your job to understand your target audience. What formats of content do they consume? Then pick the right format for them and distribute it on channels they spend their time.
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