I really wish they hadn’t put cameras in cell phones.

Here’s why: Every few months, I make a printed photo book of my family’s photographs. The pictures come from our family camera and pictures that I take on my iPhone.

Problem? My husband has an iPhone too. And he very often forgets to forward me the pictures. So months later, when looking through the printed photo books, we realize that there are pictures missing because I never had them to upload.

Does this sound familiar? Is valuable, vital and memorable content getting lost because your organization is missing important workflows around content management? (Are you also the family archivist?)

Why Governance Matters

Most people hate the word governance. But it’s just a complicated word for establishing consistency.

But if we want to juggle the increasingly complex world of content, consistency must be our goal.

Consider the following problems and solutions:

Problem: Are you spending a ton of time on SEO and feel like you’re sinking?
Solution: Implement the use of page tables with each and every page of content written or edited, so that you know at least the organic SEO is correct. (Need a page table? Contact Ahava today.)

Problem: Do people in your organization scoff at your content efforts? Is it almost impossible to get organizational buy-in?
Solution: Show them mistakes on the website. A/B test your pages. Bring them data that shows not embracing content governance is killing you in revenue.

Problem: You find that every time you need to create a new piece of content, there’s a scramble to edit, publish it and distribute it on social media.
Solution: Create a checklist, similar to a recipe, so you can go through the same process each time you create that type of content. A blog post checklist may look very different from a video checklist. That’s okay. Just make sure everyone on the team is aware of the different checklists for each piece of content. And don’t be afraid to create a really simple one, and keep adding to it and changing it.  Process only becomes air tight when nothing else changes–so basically, never.

Just so you know, I practice what I preach. Now when I make a photo book, my husband has to send me all the pictures he’s taken with his iPhone. Amazing what clarity communication can bring to a marriage–or any relationship.


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