Creating great content is NOT easy. But, there is a proven methodology to creating fantastic content that converts your website visitors into customers.


It’s about answering certain questions and developing tools that you and your entire team can use to create and manage inspiring content.



Proven Methodology


Content is a conversation. You’re acting as seller in a marketplace, and you need to convince your prospect to buy.  Therefore, you must answer the following questions with team-developed tools that drive consensus and get everyone working off the same page in the strategy.



1.   Who are we speaking to? Create personas to answer this question. Rich detail will create empathetic connections for your content creators, who will dive directly into solving your customer’s pain points.



2.  Who are we? If you don’t define your brand, you will drown in a sea of sameness. Create identity pillars to sharpen your brand in the marketplace.




3.  What are we trying to say? A messaging architecture will create priority for your messages.



4.  How do you say it? How you say what you want to say is almost as important as what you say. We’ve developed voice and tone for dozens of brands and find it’s the critical lynchpin for creating content that jumps off the page.




5.  When and where do you say it? If you don’t have an editorial calendar, you’re drowning. 





Want to create content for your brand? Afraid you have information that’s too technical, or a not-so-sexy subject matter that no one can understand? Or worse, your stakeholders think they have to write every web page like it’s an academic journal? That’s our area of expertise. Email Ahava today.


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