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Create content strategy tools that align content creators within your healthcare organization.

Content Strategies that Guide your Healthcare Marketing

Content strategy always lies at the intersection of people, process and technology. That’s why we have 3 solutions that will change the way you approach your healthcare content strategy, the people you have on your team and how you talk to your audience.

editorial toolkit

Editorial Toolkits

Content gets out of control quickly when there’s a lack of a documented strategy that defines:

  • Who are we talking to?
  • Who are we as a brand?
  • What are we saying?
  • How are we saying it?
  • When and where do we say it?

Our editorial toolkits transform content production in organizations and get everyone working together as a team.

What’s included:

  1. 360° Discovery Report
  2. Marketing personas
  3. Key statements
  4. Voice and tone guidelines
  5. Documentation
  6. Team training
  7. Quarterly check-ins to ensure implementation success
content workflow

Content Workflow Guidelines

Could your content creation process use more consistency and efficiencies?

Build a content solution that will maintain the consistency of your brand and provide your team with a roadmap to scale your content production.

Produce content that aligns with your business goals and publish in a timely, efficient manner. We will identify what the process looks like today and how it should work to ensure creation efficiency and speed.

What’s included:

  1. Stakeholder interviews
  2. Content assessment
  3. Discovery report
  4. Role definitions
  5. Swimlane assignments
  6. Team training
  7. Quarterly check-ins to ensure implementation success
voice and tone guidelines

Voice and Tone Workshop & Playbook

Establish and clarify your voice and tone with a hands-on voice and tone workshop (virtual or in-person). A variety of engaging and dynamic workshop exercises help facilitate conversations and articulate how you will speak to your audiences. 

After the workshop, we create a playbook that documents your voice and tone and includes how-to examples, do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks and more. Then we schedule training so your team can learn to use the new voice and tone through exercises and writing assignments.

What’s included:

  1. Empathy mapping and exercises
  2. Team training
  3. Playbook documentation


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Get Your Team on the Same Page

Our editorial toolkits transform content production in organizations and get everyone working together as a team. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Our content strategists do an in-depth content discovery called a 360° Discovery Report™ that gets to the heart of your content and how it’s currently performing.
  2. Then we conduct workshops (in-person or virtually) to determine your personas, key messaging statements, and voice and tone.
  3. We follow this with documentation that helps your team ideate, create, manage and analyze your content.
  4. We provide quarterly check-ins for a year after the engagement, so you continue to develop your team’s competencies.

What’s included in our healthcare editorial toolkits:

360 degree discovery

360° Discovery Report™

We talk to your stakeholders, audit your content for quality and SEO and perform a channel assessment and a competitive gap analysis.

Marketing Personas

As a content marketer, you can better understand your target audience using personas. Together, we build a 3D picture of your potential customer and a journey map that informs content creation.

Key Statements

Learn which marketing messages resonate with your audience and align with your brand’s personality. Identity pillars help you align business objectives, such as patient acquisition, to your personas.

voice and tone guidelines

Voice and Tone Guidelines

Create a voice and tone grid that helps your content creators stay within a framework. Set clear expectations so you can deliver consistent, clear and compassionate messaging.



Manage your resources, people and messages effectively with a strategic editorial calendar that identifies publication windows, messaging points and a roadmap for the year.


Quarterly Check-ins

We’ll check in quarterly to ensure ongoing implementation success.

Content Strategy Solutions for the Best of the Best

Our experienced team has worked on 600+ projects for more than 115 clients. We are proud to deliver content strategies to some of the world’s best hospitals, health systems, and health tech companies.

Social engagement starts with great content, a truth that Aha Media knows well. They marry content strategy with a holistic approach to web strategy and social engagement. What will inspire action? Spark emotion? And motivate your audiences to share with the people that they care about? Aha Media always digs for answers and points the way.
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Hire an Experienced Healthcare Content Strategy Agency

It’s challenging to create engaging content within complex specialties and highly regulated industries. You need a healthcare content strategy firm that can navigate the nuances of your field without missing a beat.

Our team applies industry expertise in healthcare, hospitals, healthcare technology, and government and public health to produce medical content writing that supports your marketing objectives.

Hire a healthcare content strategy agency that hits the ground running.


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